Your city north delhi linked to the future

Your City North Delhi Linked To The Future

Syed Amir Ali Hashmi finds both residents and real-estate prices in North Delhi upbeat -all thanks to better connectivity

Aregion in the city that can boast of its own special charm is North Delhi. Much of it is due to the presence of the scenic Delhi University campus. Another aspect to the charm is added by Azadpur Mandi, where thousands of tonnes of fruits and vegetables land before finding their way to different parts of Delhi and neighbouring states. North Delhi is well connected with other parts of Delhi through local buses and the Metro. In fact, the superb connectivity offered by the Metro has had a very favourable effect on the real estate scenario here.
North Delhi encompasses an area of 60 sq. km. Major localities here include Alipur Road, Ashok Vihar, Azadpur, Civil Lines, Kashmere Gate, Model Town, Mukherjee Nagar, Navjiwan Vihar, Pitampura, Prashant Vihar, Rajiv Nagar, Rani Bagh, Rishi Nagar, Rohini, Shakti Nagar, Shalimar Bagh, Surya Enclave, Vardhman Nagar, Vivekanand Nagar, Wazirpur and Inderlok.

Dr Prashant Bhasin, a dental surgeon who runs his own clinic in Shakti Nagar, was born and grew up in North Delhi. His grandparents as well as parents have called the Ashok Vihar area their home.

“I would say that in the last ten years the area has evolved to a great extent.
The (development resulting from the) Commonwealth Games has had a good effect here and the Chatrasal Stadium has been upgraded to international standards and, yes, this will help the people staying here, especially those interested in sports,” says Dr Bhasin.

North Delhi, he adds, has seen vast improvements in the last decade. Along with many malls that have come up more recently, there has been widespread elctrification of the roads, facilitating the installation of streetlights. Lanes where residents never used to venture after dark are well-lit and safe now, says Dr Bhasin.

“In Shakti Nagar Extension, a cricket academy has come up, and we’ve had some swimming pools come up in the area as well. One more stadium has come up on Lawrence Road. All this means that North Delhi has something for all ages and takes special care of kids’ needs too,” says Dr Bhasin.

North Delhi is also one of the first regions to have witnessed improvements in connectivity to the Central Business District (CBD) due to the Delhi Metro. Ever since the Vishwavidyalaya ­ Central Secretariat Metro link became operational, many North Delhi locations have seen a rise in property prices.

In six months, the Jahangirpuri-Central Secretariat-Qutab MinarGurgaon Metro link is expected to get operational.
This in turn will allow easier access to various South Delhi locations and will also improve connectivity to Gurgaon.

It is widely believed that this will improve North Delhi’s status as a key residential zone and will drive property prices and rental values upwards.

With increased accessibility to the CBD and other areas, the capital and rental values have seen a marked increase. Real-estate experts believe that areas such as Model Town and Azadpur have seen an appreciation of about 30 per cent in capital value.

When it comes to the residential segment, houses near Metro stations attract higher capital and rental values.
Shailendra, a real-estate agent, says that when the Metro reached DU’s North Campus, the rentals went up by 50-70 per cent.

“The introduction of the Metro has meant that people from other parts of Delhi are moving to this area. It has also improved connectivity greatly. Business centres have come up as have some new hospitals. Fortis has come up in Shalimar Bagh, and there’s Max Hospital in Netaji Subash Place,” says Dr Bhasin.

The developers are active here, too, now. Parsvnath Developers has launched two residential projects -near Civil Lines and Subhash Nagar Metro stations. The same developer is also coming up with La Tropicana apartments and villas on Magazine Road, Civil Lines, a project launched in 2005.
The project boasts sophisticated designs for three, fourand five-bedroom apartments, penthouses and villas.

The company started construction in August 2009 after obtaining the requisite approvals including sanction of building plans by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

The M2K Group, which has malls in Rohini and Pitampura, is coming up with Victoria Gardens, a freehold, residential project in the Model Town area.

A look at real-estate prices: One-room janta flats in Pitampura, with an area of about 200 sq ft to 250 sq. ft, are priced at Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. LIG flats, with one bedroom and a drawing room, spread across 400 sq.
ft can be bought for Rs 30 lakh to Rs 35 lakh in Pitampura. MIG flats come for Rs 40 lakh to Rs 65.7 lakh; super MIG (1150 sq.ft.) go for Rs 50 lakh to Rs 75 lakh; and HIG flats (1150-1450 sq.ft) are going for Rs 75 lakh to Rs 1.25 crore. Plots measuring about 200 sq yd in Pitampura are available for about Rs 2.25 crore to Rs 2.5 crore.

Courtesy: HT Estates 20th Feb 2010

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Yin yang homes: ideal for the business class with strategic proximity to the it sector

Yin Yang Homes: Ideal for the Business Class with Strategic Proximity to the IT Sector

Yin Yang is a Traditional Chinese concept which believes that there is a Yin and Yang side to everything in life. This is what Proxima Creations has exactly put in practice at project ‘Yin Yang’.  This concept is an interesting one and would add value to life if understood thoroughly and implemented to the fullest in life.

Indian economy is growing at a fast pace. Amongst the major cities in India – PUNE is emerging as the largest IT Hub of India. Apparently sectors like Manufacturing, Automobile, Hospitality, Education and Retail are also contributing in making the city – A prime business centre. As economical growth is largely reflecting in the lifestyle of the city transversely, especially with the IT sector – the per capita income has a considerable surge and the city is becoming a home for the high income groups, affluent professional migrates and expatriates.

Proxima Creations brings to this elite class an Ultra Premium residential project called–‘Yin Yang’. Yin Yang homes shall surely add balance to life making it composed and special. Yin Yang homes – India’s first of its kind homes designed and conceptualized based on the YIN YANG theory in the upcoming IT zone of Kharadi Pune are the Luxurious Lifestyle Loungements for a select few – a home amidst the buzz yet away from the rush around.

They are the perfect accommodation for business class. Yin Yang homes would serve well as a replacement to the luxurious hotel stays for businessmen who need to visit the city frequently. With comparable world-class amenities and facilities like putting golf, Zen garden, Swimming Pool with Infinity Edge etc. every Loungement is planned with optimum space utilization and thoughtful carpet planning.

Proxima has deliberately created premium lifestyle homes for selective customers who wish to own a home reflecting class, innovations and premium lifestyle. The entire structure is built with international standard construction material and premium accessories. Yin Yang is an expression of Proxima’s desire to create a niche in the fast growing real estate landscape of Pune. Yin Yang homes with the strategic proximity to the next upcoming IT sector are sure to accomplish a niche recognition.

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Bank owned foreclosure auctions

Bank Owned Foreclosure Auctions

Bank Owned Foreclosure Auctions

How do you good buy bank owned foreclosure property? Visit at

The mortgage adventure has been a nightmare as some and a dream for others. due to the people who have lost their homes, it is a sad and life altering experience. Where they dream of no hope, others revolve rope. There are kin looking to make a seemly investment out of these foreclosed homes.This presupposition has investors chomping at the bit to allow bank owned properties.Is buying a bank owned property a right idea? The truth is that it is not a bad idea. In some cases, that is. live depends on many things one is the location you are seeing buying a foreclosed property.There are many advantages to buying property at auctions, if your looking for discounted money and enterprise some practicality you can find bargain properties ranging from a affluent prosperity to very lank profits. The simple auction property will discount for thirty five to forty five percent off the market value providing you the opportunity to make an outstanding free lunch on your original investment.

There are also disadvantages to investment properties bought at auction, in my opinion the biggest drawback is you can rarely do an on locus survey of the property to evaluate the cost of repairs accurately. Before bidding on a roll you libido to make sure it has a bright title by having a interval search done, also they amenability betoken respected. Also you commit need up to ten percent of the purchase price advance front. Some lesser nuisances are foreclosure investing auctions being postponed or delayed.Do your homework in the areas you are fired in purchasing a beans. precise estate agents admit come up with some idiosyncratic ways to show their database to find foreclosed properties. It was rare that some realtors would have whence rife listings of this type at one time, but now undoubted is becoming common.This forced some originality domination their listing practices. Some have sought to offer tours through neighborhoods to show listed properties. physical sounds silly, but really existent is a great way to execute a look again feel of the neighborhood. If there are properties sitting unsold in that long periods of time, you may inclination to ride away.

Another burden you will want to consider is the mark of the property. It has been spoken that folks have completely trashed their homes after they were served the eviction decree. If you are going to have to go thanks to a ton of repairs, the property may not be a good haste after all, especially if you are purchasing for the individual purpose of reselling.Finding properties to buy is very simple.Simply go online and do a search. For example scrutinize for “foreclosure how to buy” and you will treasure trove a ton on information on this subject. It is a popular trend now further real estate agents are itching to be present these morale of properties. relevant do your go into again you’ll be able to drive an informed decision on what bank owned foreclosure cede produce favoring for you.Visit at

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Realtors can really help you, find how

Realtors can really help you, find how

In today’s market it is very important good realtor to represent you. A marketplace full with opportunity, Tax benefits and unpredictable values, proven experience, integrity, market awareness and outstanding communication skills are essential. No one should compromise these qualities. Home Purchases and sales are too important to place in the supervision of inexperienced, unverified realtors.

Whether dealing with a commercial or residential Real estate transaction, the client should verify that the realtor is a affiliate in good standing with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). This membership assures the client of the realtor’s obligation to educational programs and compliance with principles of ethical conduct and cooperation. The National Association of Realtors has been instrumental in increasing and implementing great ethical principles of conduct throughout the industry.

In addition to enrollment with the NAR, the realtor that can best locate and list for sale either residential or commercial Real estate will be a An affiliate of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a regional marketplace that is designed to assure clients of greatest exposure to existing Real estate and the cooperation of many other real estate Firms. Whether buying or selling, clients be supposed to persist that the realtor be a member of the Multiple listing service in your area.

It is valuable to recognize that the term realtor refers to the agency itself. Realtors, or real estate brokers, hold on to agents that list, sell and lease real estate, on behalf of the realtor. However, the realtor is liable for the activity and conduct of its agents, the Firm’s marketing strategy and the interaction with other cooperating Real estate companies. Selecting a proven and reliable realtor can maximize the sale of a real estate property and assure the buyer of making an informed choice.

Real estate marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. The industry has been impacted by the advent of enhanced MLS services that have made properties accessible for review on the internet. A recent survey showed that almost 70% of residential Home purchasers began their search Online. In today’s Market, the finest realtors have fine-tuned internet strategies, marketing plans and communication programs that keep their agents, their listings and their clients abreast of activity as it occurs.

Programs such as virtual tours and digital photography can do much to enhance the visibility of listings and can be Changed with the availability of aerial photographs, tax documents and copies of deeds and disclosure statements. Good realtors are capitalizing on the public’s ask for internet access by creating web logs for listings, agents and related projects.

As essential as the internet is to overall real estate marketing, it is imperative to go for a realtor with outstanding communication capabilities. There is no reason for a realtor to avoid a call or be ignorant of market activity as it happens. The greatest Real estate agents understand the importance of being on top of the market at all times and are always accessible to their Buyers and sellers. With the cellphones systems, Clients will benefit from a relationship with a Real estate agent who is always at the Prepered.

Traditional real estate marketing activities, like signs, brochures, flyers, business cards and even Open Houses still have value in the marketplace. Respectable realtors incorporate these principles with Buidling websites and advertising online to boost exposure and facilitate the purchase and sale process.

Realtors need to know the current mortgage market as well.. Many of the greatest Real estate agents have direct lines of access to Banks and programs. In today’s marketplace, clients should examine the realtor’s understanding and relations to the financing arm of the industry. A realtor’s ability to connect Home buyers and the sellers to suitable financing can have a big effect on a property’s marketability and can help bring transactions together easily.

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Housing predictor forecasts major price drop

Housing Predictor Forecasts Major Price Drop

Housing prices will fall an average of 4.2% nationally in 2007, the largest drop in U.S home prices since 1991, but despite that many local real estate markets in the U.S. will still appreciate, according to Housing Predictor, which forecasts real estate markets in all 50 US States.

After nearly five years of record housing appreciation in many markets throughout the country, only seven states still have markets that are strongly appreciating. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas still have very active real estate markets continuing their upward trend in the south.

In the west Washington State and Utah are experiencing massive growth. Spokane, Washington, east of the Cascade Mountain Range hasn’t seen a booming real estate market like this in 15 years.

However, California is the hardest hit single state in falling home values in the nation. Housing Predictor forecasts that San Diego will drop more than 13% on average in 2007 to lead the state in depreciation.

The Los Angeles metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs will fall more than an average of 11%. However, Miami, Florida is forecast to be ground zero in the nation’s falling real estate values in 2007, according to Housing Predictor’s forecasts.

The Miami market has seen sky-rocking appreciation the last three years with many investors flocking to the area to buy preconstruction condos. The condominium market exploded with new investors, many of whom are now cancelling transactions before the units are even completed.

The over abundance of units has brought the Miami market to a shadow of its once booming cycle and now has an over supply of units to sell. As a result Miami is forecast to drop 13.6% in 2007.

Texas, however, may be the new boom market in the U.S. After seeing prices fall on the heels of business scandals and the resulting loss of many jobs, and foreclosures, the Houston real estate market is on the road to recovery and will appreciate strongly in 2007, according to a report on the site. Texas is under going the largest growth in its history and is forecast by the U.S. Census Bureau to be one of only three states to have nearly 50% of the nation’s population by 2030.

Austin, San Antonio and El Paso, which is in western Texas are also experiencing upward spirals in home appreciation as more and more people migrate to warmer sun belt climates.

Seventeen interest rate hikes by the U.S. Federal Reserve Board and an over supply of new homes in many of the nation’s cities slowed most of the country’s real estate markets.

In Louisiana the market is under going unprecedented times, battling back from the disaster left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans in August of 2005.

More than 150,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by the hurricane. Blocks of homes have been bull dozed to the ground and others are awaiting major repairs. The fixer-upper has become a common commodity for investors in the New Orleans market, hoping to make repairs and sell the homes at higher prices to new owners.

North of New Orleans a handful of communities are gaining new residents from the Big Easy, all of whom need housing. The exodus from New Orleans has produced growth in northern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. All are experiencing growing local real estate markets.

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